Aubrey Plaza - Hot Video: Prom Date with Jason Bateman and Will Arnett

Monday, July 20, 2009

Aubrey Plaza - One of the Variety 10 Comics to Watch

Aubrey Plaza
The 'Parks and Rec' intern perfected craft online

A master of the above-it-all annoyed-teenager look, Aubrey Plaza found a way to take her disgruntled millennial girl routine to primetime in the NBC sitcom "Parks and Recreation." It's a character type the improv-oriented comedian first honed on the Web series "The Jeannie Tate Show," where she plays the troubled stepdaughter to the show's titular soccer mom, developing it even further on a trashy MTV-style dating show satire she wrote and directed.
"I am not sick of roles as the angry teenager; I could be one for the rest of my life," quips Plaza, who explains, "I have a younger sister who I draw a lot of inspiration from."

Sure enough, Plaza jumped at another droll adolescent role opposite Michael Cera in "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World." And though the acting attention is heating up, Plaza still considers herself a student of the form.

She spent the 2004-05 season interning on the set of "Saturday Night Live," being a wallflower while quietly observing the pros in action. "People on 'SNL' remarked how quiet I was and were shocked to learn that I was in comedy," she reports.

And although she studied improv with the Upright Citizens Brigade, Plaza decided to branch into standup after landing the role of Seth Rogen's girlfriend in "Funny People." Director Judd Apatow wanted an actual standup for the part, so Plaza made a point to film herself onstage at a comedy club in Queens.

Plaza's early material has been dark and rebellious, reminiscent of those grunge comediennes who came before her, such as Janeane Garofalo and Sarah Silverman (in fact, she does a killer impression of the latter's potty-mouthed persona).

"My sense of humor is a little strange," Plaza admits. "I have to remind myself that if I think it's funny, then I shouldn't worry about others getting it."

POV: "My purse is so heavy that when I put it on the passenger seat of the car while I am driving, the airbag light goes on because it thinks there's a person there."


Aubrey has a heavy purse. Good to know!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Aubrey Plaza - Anti-Drug Dog

Man's best friend; teenager's worst nightmare.

From College Humor. Pretty funny, and it's Aubrey's most successful YouTube vid.

I think it deserves a sequel.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Aubrey Plaza - Keith Powell Directs a Play: Act III

In the third act of "30 Rock" actor Keith Powell's original web mini-series, Keith begins rehearsals and has trouble sticking to the script.

Aubrey's on at 0:44, 1:52, 1:57, 2:15, 2:21-2:58, 3:50, 4:25, 4:56, 5:08.

Aubrey Plaza plays "Stephanie." She's racist at the end. LOL


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Aubrey Plaza - Keith Powell Directs a Play: Act II

In the second episode of "30 Rock" actor Keith Powell's original web mini-series, Keith meets the cast for the play he will be directing and decides to deliver an "inspirational" speech.

She has a good look at 2:18 and at 4:57.

It's hard to make these "full of themselves" character more interesting or amusing than annoying. I don't think Keith pulls it off.


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Aubrey Plaza - In Love & Billiam

Writer/Director reel of Jason Musante Klein -- April 2009.

Her film (edited down clips), In Love, starts at 1:38 and goes to 2:42. It's basically cut short. This video was posted in 2009, but the actual filming was probably in 2007.

Her second film in this video, Billiam, starts at 3:32. Not her voice, but it is her in the video. Um, apparently a pudgy guy used her for sex. Great. That's great.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Aubrey Plaza - is Daddy's Little Judge

You are totally entering the courtroom of Chelsie Stanton. That's Chelsie with an I! Her dad's been presiding over the New York court system for like ever, so she can be a judge whenever she wants!

Starring and written by Aubrey Plaza.

Not a ton of views, but it's still a good character for Aubrey.