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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why Aubrey Plaza sounds like April in the Jimmy Fallon interview

Question: So she is playing herself on Parks and Rec?


Sort of. But the opposite. She perfected her annoyed teenager character on the Jeannie Tate show and used it on other Web vids and on 30 Rock. So she pretty much made the character April and owned it, adding her humor to it.

So if you check out her earlier interviews, you'll see her all serious. But if you check out her more recent interviews, you'll see that she has become her April character.

The reason is that people make fun of you if you're serious in an interview, and they call you boring. But if you crack jokes, then they laugh at them, think your funny, and less people make fun of you (just the trolls). So interviews have become more about entertaining the audience than truthfully answering the questions. As a result, Aubrey turns on the funny in them now (starting with her Funny People press interviews).

So what you see in the Jimmy Fallon interviews (and all the more recent and future interviews) is Aubrey telling her jokes in her own brand of humor... which is April. So that's why it feels like Jimmy Fallon was interviewing April... because that's just Aubrey telling her jokes.


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