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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Aubrey Plaza - talks to Mindy Kaling (from The Office)

First, Mindy wrote:

I do love you [Aubrey]. You're the only pretty girl I know who can pull off brooding
2:50 PM

Then Aubrey wrote:

brood= think deeply about something that makes one unhappy=ME!!
3:01 PM

Basically saying that Aubrey's inspiration for brooding... is thinking about herself. =^)

Then Mindy, who apparently is super nice, clarified that she was talking about the show...

[Aubrey] i mean on the show!! april is a pretty brooder
3:17 PM

And then Aubrey finished the conversation with...

WHAT show @mindykaling #broodingismylife

Basically telling Mindy that she is the April character, which isn't really true (it's a joke, of sorts). Aubrey actually has a lot of fun normally. However, she's been playing her characters more in interviews because that's the humor she knows so well, and everybody wants an actor to entertain, even when it's an interview or tweet. So Aubrey's been doing that more lately.

Wow, Mindy has over a million followers! That's awesome! That's like a quarter of the way to Ashton Kutcher!


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