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Friday, June 4, 2010

Seth Meyers interviews Aubrey Plaza (and the rest of the Parks and Rec staff)

Here are the Aubrey excerpts from a panel interview...

Our big emotional cliffhanger in the finale is April and Andy, which was never a combination that we imagined and it came out accidentally," explained [Michal] Shur, [series creator]. "We had the hunting trip episode and we just left them in a room by them selves for a little C-story and then the two of them seemed like that was pretty good so we just thought we would roll with that. It's really because of Chris and Aubrey that it's still incorporated into the show."

"I was a Parks and Recreation nerd to begin with so this has been exciting to come into this world and everyone has been really nice to us ... except for Aubrey," laughed [Adam] Scott. "Yeah well that's kind of her bread & butter," said [Seth] Meyers.

Finally, still obsessed with Plaza and her sarcastic attitude, Meyers inquired about the recent perfect casting of April's sister on the show. "She's actually the daughter of someone in our art department and I guess they cast her because they thought she looked like me," said Plaza. "The scene was that Ron says, Oh you must be April's sister, it's nice to meet you. Then he goes to shake her hand and she rolls her eyes and walks away," explained Schur. "So the audition tapes were just girl after girl rolling her eyes and then walking out of frame. When we got to her, I didn't know that she was related to anyone on the staff, I just knew that she shot the same horrifying chill up my spine that Aubrey does," laughed Schur. "I have two sisters and one is named Natalie, which is probably how April's sister got that name because I used my real sister's name during an improv the first season," explained Plaza. "So she kind of looks like my real sister ... but my real sister is pissed that they didn't cast her."

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