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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Parks & Recreation: Thursday, October 22, 2009

If you haven't been watching Parks and Recreation this season because the six episodes of last season still seemed to be finding their footing (read: they weren't very funny), then you may want to start checking it out. Not just an Office clone, Amy Poehler is no longer trying to be a blonde Michael Scott, and is instead playing park official Leslie as an earnest, if naive, public servant with an eccentric group of friends and co-workers.

Aziz Ansari steals every scene as the wannabe Pawnee player Tom Haverford (not his birth name), and Aubrey Plaza's intern April seems to be having an intergenerational deadpan monotone-off with Nick Offerman's boss-by-day, God-of-Sax-by-night Ron Swanson. Rashida Jones and Paul Schneider bring the cute as Ann and Mark (this show's Jam), and Chris Pratt brings the stupid as Ann's ex Andy. Tonight, NBC continues to spread the idea of volunteerism and public service by having Leslie and the rest of her "turn the ugly pit into a park" committee help out building a park in a neighboring town... which gets done in one day. So there's clearly something wrong with how they're doing things in Pawnee. Also, the group they help out is a real group called KaBOOM, in case you thought that was made-up.



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