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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Is Aubrey Plaza's April just a stooge and sullen teen?

Check out this review of Aubrey Plaza's Parks and Recreation character, April Ludgate...

The alchemy that happened with the casting of Modern Family doesn't happen to every show. Or even most shows. Even a lot of the shows that I love right now have somebody in the cast who is, to some degree, a stooge. If you'll pardon the blasphemy, Chevy Chase is funny on Community, but he's not quite operating on the same frequency as everybody else. As played by Aubrey Plaza, April from Parks And Recreation has only just started to be anything other than a sullen teen. The Big Bang Theory's Johnny Galecki is often left behind like an anchor as Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco and (increasingly lately) Simon Helberg soar above him. And so on.

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Is April just a stooge? I don't think so. I think the development between her and Andy have helped flesh her out as a major character.



  1. They do have a point, but I'd say she became more than just a sullen teen when she finally broke up with her boyfriends in Galentine's Day. I don't think that she'll be seen that way anymore, as she shouldn't.
    Besides, Donna, Jerry, Mark, and Anne are all stooges according to the article (Andy was, too, but again, started gaining more depth with the April storyline). I don't know why they singled her out.

  2. IBC,

    Good points. Yeah, I'm glad she broke up with her boyfriends!

    - TAE


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